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Do You Have A Website? Why Not?


If your business doesn’t have a website and you are stuck in the dark ages depending on Yellow Pages, classified ads and other old tired marketing methods to send you customers, then literally the only people who are going to find you are people who have already done business with you before and can remember your company name.

It is vital that you have a website. The issues of not having a site are as devastating for your business. For example:

You will be unable to ‘upsell’ your business and its exact products and services to prospective customers and clients. A directory listing (such as Yellow Pages) is literally just that, a listing. Even if you took out a quarter page ad, it cannot contain the full details and features that set your business apart from your competitors.

You will not be able to show at all on those searches for products and services that do not hit your directory listings. Your listing may only mention one benefit or service and yet the majority of your business could be for something that you don’t feature in your ad listing. If potential customers don’t know you provide extra services they will go to your competitors who DO have a website and explain what they offer on there. Your completion will get the business instead

You will get absolutely no exposure in the social and media networks to your business. You will literally not be found.

Having a website is also a lot more cheaper than paying for expensive advertising in the offline world which only offers limited exposure for your business.

As you are probably all well aware, small businesses are always searching for inexpensive ways to promote their businesses and attract new customers and that is when having a website comes into it’s own.

It is now a digital age and when someone is seeking a product or service the first place they go to is a search engine on the internet on their smartphone, tablet or computer. The majority of households no longer have a land line phone and they most certainly don’t have a phone book with yellow page listings.

Are you ready to embrace the new age of digital technology for your business? If so contact us today for a free consultation and quote to design your website.