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More local small businesses are finding it to be essential to market their products and services online.

Potential customers turn to the web to research and shop for local products and services before making their purchases.

A business that is not taking advantage of the internet & email marketing to market their business is losing valuable customers and sales.

It has never been easier or more cost-effective to market online with email marketing. M1 Net Solutions can provide you with the necessary tools you need to market your business using 100% opt in email marketing. We can integrate your email marketing plan into your website and allow you to send automatic messages to every customer who signs up for your email marketing list or newsletter.

Email marketing is a great way to communicate with your customers and prospective customers. So it is very valuable to collect email addresses from visitors to your Web site. Offer them something worthwhile for their email address — such as a discount at your store or a free newsletter. Email newsletters can be a very effective communication tool to use for your existing customers, prospective customers, and others you are trying to reach.

By keeping in touch with your customers via email marketing you are building a trusting relationship, providing them with useful and valuable information on sales, discounts and new products and services that you are offering. You begin to lay a foundation of “Brand Marketing” with your customers that will keep your business in their minds in the future.

In 2022, the number of email users worldwide is forecast at 4.3 billion (Statista, 2021). This figure is set to grow to 4.6 billion in 2025, making up more than half of the expected world population.

Contact us today to learn how you can increase your sales with the power of email marketing.